Introducing Arena Vintage

Arena Vintage one-of-a-kind, artisanal garments are designed, cut and sewn, embroidered, screen printed, embellished, and distressed individually in Phoenix, Arizona. Each piece is hand-crafted with time and care, focused on an intricate level of detail and texture, creating enviable wearable art.

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On-Demand Print & Fulfillment

Print or embroider your own custom merchandise with Arena Merchandising. Set up a storefront or connect our on-demand print and fulfillment service to your existing sales platform for seamless order management. We pay 100% of the net sales revenue for each transaction. 

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Bear Ghost Collection 2021

Bear Ghost is an Adventure Rock band from Phoenix, AZ that fuses intricate musicianship, melodies and song structure to deliver a one of a kind sound. With the release of the band's first full length album entitled "Blasterpiece", the Phoenix market took notice.

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