Captain Squeegee - Women's Leggings

Captain Squeegee - Women's Leggings

CAPTAIN SQUEEGEE MERCHANDISE is printed on Arena Apparel's highest quality ring-spun cotton and polyester blends to ensure that every premium apparel product we sell stands the test of time and wear. Our high production standards are defined by an eco-friendly awareness that guide each step of the process we use to manufacture the textile yarn we use which makes our shirts, hoodies, tees and tanks ideal for printing, color fastness and durability. 
No less than 50% of the net revenue generated from purchasing any item from the CAPTAIN SQUEEGEE COLLECTION is paid directly to Captain Squeegee. Shopping at ARENA supports independent artists everywhere!
Captain Squeegee Leggings Specs: 
82% polyester, 18% spandex
- Four-way stretch
- Made of a microfiber yarn
- Elastic waistband
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