Abyss Reusable Face Mask | Arena Store
Abyss Reusable Face Mask | Arena Store
Abyss Reusable Face Mask | Arena Store
Abyss Reusable Face Mask | Arena Store

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Abyss Reusable Face Mask | Arena Store

Shop Arena Store's Abyss reversible face mask. All face masks are washable, reusable and filter compatible. Proudly made in the USA.


The Abyss Reversible Face Mask is a filter compatible, American made face mask. Tested and iterated in-the-field with Phoenix's largest medical groups and law enforcement agencies, the Abyss Reversible Face Mask is a functional and comfortable reusable option for professionals in every vertical. Includes adjustable nose bridge. Compatible with the Arena N95 Filter Insert. Excellent for daily and long term use. 

Composition: 2-part shell. Poly-flex tie backs, elastic straps 
Washability:  Wash up to 75x. Suitable for industrial sanitizing

Adjustable Top Tie Back / Bottom Tie Back
(medical professional, long-term daily wear)
Top Tie Back / Adjustable Bottom Elastic Strap
(law enforcement, recreation, long-term daily wear)

Adjustable Ear Loops
(social masking, daily use)


The mask is designed to hold the Arena N95 full-mask filter or a PM2.5 disposable carbon filter. Inserts can be replaced through the side seams of the mask and center in place between the vertical darts on the nose bridge and chin. 

PM 2.5 Carbon Filter Size: 12 * 8 cm / 4.72 * 3.15 in
L/XL N95 Filter Size: 24.8cm * 15.6cm / 9.75in * 6.15in
S/M N95 Filter Size: 22.8cm * 13.6cm / 9in * 5.38in


The mask is made from a 2-piece premium composition, with a reversible design. The inner shell is made from a 4-way stretch high performance fabric to support the body’s natural cooling process by wicking moisture evenly throughout the construction of the shell.

Outer shell: 100% Polyester (250 gsm /3mm thick)
Inner shell: 82% Poly /18% Spandex (240 gsm /0.35mm thick)


Originally designed for outdoor concerts, festivals and live events, the Arena Mask is also helping our critical workers and global citizens in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Masking will be essential over the next several months to help reduce the second wave of group spread. These masks are best suited for extended travel, public transportation, and the general participation in crowded settings.